A Year in Review

ALC 2012-13

President: Khawaja Madni

Major Events

Mock Interviews and Counseling Session

Mock interviews for the final year students of EME College were conducted by the EME Alumni Liaison Committee, with the collaboration of EME Alumni, which aimed at creating a simulated interview environment to test and train the students for actual interviews. It included Mr. Syed Bariij (Aircom international, South Africa), Mr. Noman Javed (Alcatel Lucent), Mr.Shoaib Irshaad along with other alumni members as interviewers. The students were interviewed individually and given feedback on their body language and CVs. A post interview combined session highlighted the issues in general and students discussed various scenarios. The session succeeded with a seminar session by Mr. Adnan Shahid (CIO Ideogeny, COO Branding Bees) that culminated the session by describing each and every practical situation in detail.

Workshop on Wind Energy in Pakistan

EME Alumnus Mr.Waqar Hussain (Descon Engineering Works) conducted a briefingsession for the students about the wind mills being setup at Pakistan by Descon and their benefits. Moreover, he answered the studentís queries regarding job market and internship opportunities at the company.

Mobile App Development

EME Alumnus Mr.Khawar Ali aiming to start an entrepreneur setup of his own, gave a briefing to the students of EME College about the Mobile App Development sector and its impact on todayís world. He shortlisted thirty students form the hundred and ten who had shown willingness to work and join. The students were taught in labs for six contact hours per week for a month. The prospective students were offered internships and continued the projects throughout the summers. The session is on a break for now and will recommence soon. The training covered:
1. Basic overview of MAC, objective-C, and utility based applications
2. Training of cocos2dx, graphics, and development of a simple game
3. Finalization training of games and porting applications on android and Windows phone

Web Development Workshop

A Web Development workshop was organized by the membersof ALC, in collaboration with NVC, for the students of College of E&ME. The workshop lasted for a month, comprising of four sessions, starting from the very basics to maintaining a website single handedly. It included:
1. Introduction to HTML
2. Making first pages
3. Adding styles through CSS
4. Working with images and forms in HTML
5. Introduction to dynamic web content and PHP
6. Introduction to Wordpress and Blogger

Excelling Impressions with Adnan Shahid

EME Alumni Association President, Mr. Adnan Shahid, a MBA (4.99/5) from MIT, CIO Ideogeny and COO Branding Bees came all the way to College of E&ME leaving his busy schedule aside to teach his students to excel professionally. He taught in an interactive session about:
1. Listening, writing and presentation skills
2. Understanding your communication style
3. CV writing
4. Interview Preparation
5. Power Point Presentations

GRE and Full-Bright Session

USEFP (United States Education Foundation in Pakistan) representatives came to College of E&ME for addressing the questions and ambiguities students had regarding GRE and Fulbright Scholarships. They highlighted the importance of the programs and their requirement for studying at universities within USA. They also demonstrated sample GRE test questions and revealed the manner they are supposed to test an individual so that the students prepare themselves accordingly. Three reference books for GRE preparation were also handed over to the College of E&ME library in a post event refreshments session with the Senior Instructor NUST Affairs.